Support is available 24/7 at Edinburgh Napier

Whether you need to talk in confidence to somebody, or brush up on your study skills using our online resources, we have a solution that's just right for you


Study support


Whether you're coming straight from school or college, or entering university as a mature student, it could be helpful to work on your study skills first. Time management, study methods, research skills and presentation techniques are all skills you'll need, and it helps if you can pick them up as quickly as possible.


Luckily, we offer a range of advice and support, courses and online resources that will help you dive into your studies with confidence. 


The Confident Futures personal development workshops are an innovative programme that no other University offers, and Get Ready for University Study is an online resource where you'll get key study tips, advice from students, learning activities and more. It introduces study skills such as effective reading, academic writing, oral presentations, revision & exam strategies and more.


Or if you'd like some more tailored support, our student mentors know exactly what you're going through - or our Academic Support Advisers are available for informal, confidential assistance.