Welcome & induction week

To help settle you in to the University, we run an activity-packed Welcome & Induction Week. This will help you find your way around, settle in with the Welcome Workshop led by our Confident Futures team, learn about your course, and make new friends.
Just report to your induction room and make sure you attend matriculation & course events arranged by your course leaders during this week.

Find out about your individual course inductions on our First Day finder. Here you will receive all of the paperwork that you need and be told your matriculation date. Please note: you will not receive your timetable until you have matriculated.
If you have commitments such as part-time work or dependants, please make arrangements to ensure you are available for the full week. Events are planned for you throughout the five days, even if your course is part-time. It is important that you attend these events - they will make sure all your paperwork is complete, you've met your new classmates and Programme Leader, and are prepared for your course. You'll then be ready to start studying the following week.
As well as the events that the University organises, Napier Students' Association also run loads of events to welcome you to the social side of university life. When you get a minute have a browse of Newsfeed, our student magazine, to find out more about what's new this year.

Find out more

Need some help and guidance, or not sure what you're supposed to do on day one? If the information in this site doesn't answer your question you can send us an enquiry, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.