SEBE Research

Our applied research with industry and government is highly valued and is rated as international and world leading. Our staff work with industry, government and leading research institutes involving over 45 countries. 

Our research encompasses building performance, transport, geotechnics, energy and renewables, advanced materials, smartcities, offsite construction, construction technologies, sensors, acoustic engineering, innovative structures, timber engineering and wood science.

Current research

We host the Institute for Sustainable Construction (ISC) and the Transport Research Institute (TRI); two internationally leading research institutes. Within the school our research into materials, geotechnics, sensing, automation and control is coordinated by the Engineering Research Group (ERG). 

We have a long history of innovative research and applied development activities in partnership with industry. We use the results of our research and consultancy activities to enhance the learning experience of our students, and where possible, we integrate applied research into our teaching programmes. Below are some of our research areas.


Postgraduate research

Our research degree programmes are created between the research interests of you and the school.

If you are interested in finding out if the University can provide research degree supervisory expertise in your chosen field of interest, email Dr. David Binnie, the school's Research Degrees Coordinator.