AraB Academy of Engineering and Technology - ABET

The Transport Research Institute is Scotland's largest and longest established transport research group.

ABET has been created to provide support for high-caliber Arab nation students and researchers who wish to develop their research and investigatory competences. This is an opportunity for knowledge stretching and high-quality research and leadership short-run preparation.

The academy will encourage engineering efforts and developments in applied and basic research in different engineering and science disciplines.  It is sponsored by the Transport Research Institute’s Middle East Research Centre at Edinburgh Napier University and by the Society of Engineers in the Middle East. 

Who can apply

Students from any area of science, engineering and other related subjects are welcomed to apply. The ABET academy will aim to promote, support and champion young talented engineers and professionals from Arab countries.  It will help to facilitate their ideas and will enable smart concepts to be steered into the right channels. Duration, costs, visa requirements will be discussed with candidates on an individual basis. 

For more information please complete the enquiry form below. Alternatively, you can email Professor Wafaa Saleh to discuss.