Equality and diversity information

Equality of opportunity is essential to everything we do. We want to create an environment where students and staff are selected solely on merit. 

We will not allow a person's gender, colour or any other characteristic to influence our decision to offer a place to study or work.

We will eradicate unlawful discrimination wherever it occurs in the University and encourage the development of a diverse community in which everyone can flourish and achieve their full potential.

Our equality outcomes reports provide information on our staff and student diversity at Edinburgh Napier University.

Equality reports

Supporting women in STEM

Equate Scotland was founded in 2006 with funding and support from the Scottish Government. Equate is an organisation that fosters women in STEM by creating placement programmes and mentoring schemes, as well as creating dialogue through events, workshops and lectures. Edinburgh Napier University is proud to be a supporter, and provides hosting facilities as part of our campus community.