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Professor George Stonehouse, Dean of The Business SchoolProfessor George Stonehouse

Dean of The Business School
Professor of International Strategic Management


Contact Details

Room: 2/57, Craiglockhart Campus
Tel: +44 (0) 131 455 4525
Email: g.stonehouse@napier.ac.uk


Honorary Professor of Strategic Management,

State University of Management, Moscow, Russia;

PhD; MSc; MEd; PGCE; BA (Econ).


Professor George Stonehouse is Dean of Napier University Business School and Professor of International Strategic Management. He is the founder of the Edinburgh Institute of Leadership and Management Practice and was runner-up (with commendation) for Global Director in the Scottish Institute of Directors Awards for 2010. He is a Non-Executive Director of Marketing Edinburgh and of Investors in People (Scotland) and is a founding member of Aspire4Africa, charity set up to promote leadership and business education and development in Africa.

He has wide international experience in both business and academia. He is an Honorary Professor of the State University of Management, Moscow, Russia, Honorary Chair in Leadership at ISB, Kolkata, India and Visiting Professor at the University of International Business and Economics Beijing and the University of Zhengzhou, Peoples Republic of China. His PhD is in Organisational Creativity and his main research and consultancy interests lie in the areas of leadership, strategic management, creativity, knowledge, collaboration, and global business. He has published 3 books and numerous articles in leading academic journals.

He has a strong interest in learning and teaching and in developing innovative approaches to support the processes. He has been engaged in research, consultancy and design and delivery of training with a number of leading UK and international organisations including Anderson and Strathern, Aegon, Black and Decker, NHS Lothian, Hanson PLC, the Improvement Service, Edinburgh City Council, Inland Revenue, Scottish and Southern, Nike, Severstal JSC (Russia) and Yutong Corporation (PRC).


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**Awarded the 'Literati Prize' for the outstanding article of 1999