Achille Fonzone

Achille Fonzone

Dr Achille Fonzone





Invited Speaker

  • Keynote presentation at 5th Polish National Scientific Technical Conference
  • Seminar at King’s College London
  • Lecture at Smart Mobility Summer School, Universidad de Verano de Maspalomas, Spain
  • Webinar for TRB Traffic Flow Committee
  • Seminar at Kyoto University, Japan
  • Seminar at Ohio State University, Columbus, USA


Fellowships and Awards

  • Best paper at mobil.TUM 2016
  • Best paper from a Young Professional at Scottish Transport Applications and Research conference 2016


Research Degree External Examining

  • PhD examiner at KTH, Stockholm
  • PhD viva Rapporteur at Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport (LVMT), Paris


Editorial Activity

  • Associate editor of Journal of Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Guest editor of Transportation Research Part A


Current Post Grad projects