Donald Morrison

Donald Morrison

Dr Donald Morrison



Prior to my present post as lecturer in Microbiology at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) I worked for 21 years as a Clinical Scientist/Microbiologist in public health and medical microbiology laboratories (Health Protection Agency, London and Scottish MRSA Reference Laboratory,Glasgow). In addition to my lecturer role at ENU I am module leader on overseas programs in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Antibiotic resistant pathogens (ESBL and carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, VRE and MRSA) both in the hospital and the natural environment have formed the basis of my research activities. My recent research has focused on assessing the prevalence and distribution of antibiotic resistant pathogens in environment "hotspots" such as wastewater treatment plants, landfill sites and agricultural lands. In addition, I am investigating the contribution of rivers, coastal waters, food (meat, vegetables, fruit) and wild animals in the dissemination of these antimicrobial resistance pathogens from the environment to the human population.

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