Stephanie Craighill

Stephanie Craighill

Dr Stephanie Craighill

Research Fellow


Stephanie Craighill is a Research Fellow in The School of Computing on the Associate Student Project.  Previously she completed her PhD within the Scottish Centre for the Book.
Stephanie is currently a Research Fellow on the Associate Student Project (ASP). The ASP, through partnership working with colleges, research and evaluation, is developing a new model for articulation which will directly impact on student performance, retention and achievement.  The ASP has implemented and developed a number of initiatives to support best practice in student articulation.

Her PhD research focuses on the globalisation of the European fiction market and was funded by the Carnegie Trust. 

Stephanie’s research contributes valuable insights into the operations of the European marketplace for fiction.  Exposing the true effect of globalization on minority cultures develops understanding about the future of indigenous publishing in a global market and enables informed strategies to be developed which will ensure this future.  Ultimately, findings are therefore beneficial to knowledge exchange with minority cultures, the international cultural economy, publishers, authors and agents.

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