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Are women better drivers than men?

  Are women better drivers than men? As applied social psychologists working in the area of driver behaviour this is a question we often get asked. How should we go about answering it? What - at first sight - appears a straightforward question turns out to require a range of different research tools (Meadows & Stradling, 1995). These include:
• analyses of accident statistics
• questionnaire/survey studies of drivers
• performance studies using driving simulators, instrumented vehicles, videotaped driving behaviour or on-road observation
• statistical procedures for summarising data, and exploring interactions between different variables
• deriving models for organising concepts and findings and subsequently suggesting directions for future research.
In this chapter we shall present information derived from using a number of these tools, mostly analyses of data from accident statistics, surveys and questionnaires, and conclude with a summary model of factors influencing the behaviour of drivers.

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    Book Chapter

  • Date:

    30 November 1999

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    Open University Press

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    BF Psychology


Meadows, M. L. & Stradling, S. G. (1999). Are women better drivers than men?. In Hartley, J. & Branthwaite, A. (Eds.). The Applied Psychologist, 126-146. Open University Press. ISBN 978-0335202843



women drivers; driver behaviour; accident statistics; competence;

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