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DS-CDMA PN code acquisition in Rayleigh Fading Channel.

  In this paper, an adaptive double dwell PN code acquisition circuit suitable for use in DS-CDMA systems is proposed. The adaptive nature of the circuit is based on the cell averaging constant false alarm rate technique. It is analysed in a Rayleigh fading channel taking into consideration the effect of Doppler shift, multiple access interference and frequency offset. Expressions are derived for detection probability, false alarm rate and mean acquisition time. Numerical analysis showed that the proposed method is more robust to noise conditions than a non-adaptive method. Moreover, the proposed method uses less hardware components.

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    01 April 2006

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    SoftMotor (SM)

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Sharif, M., Obiebi, J. & Sharp, J. (2006). DS-CDMA PN code acquisition in Rayleigh Fading Channel. The Mediterranean journal of electronics and communications. 2, 59-71. ISSN 1744-2400


Spread Spectrum Communication; DS-CDMA, Matched Filter; CA-CFAR Processor; Rayleigh Fading Channel; and MAI.

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