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Exploring hotel renovation in large hotels: a multiple case study.

  This paper aims to explore the extent of the use of hotel renovation as a product development tool in the hospitality industry. It aims to gain an understanding of the nature of renovation within the context of large hotels. The approach is a multiple case study of five star hotels in Egypt. A sample of nine hotels was selected. The results reveal that Egyptian five star hotels use renovation to achieve different aims and goals. Surprisingly, the cases indicate that Egyptian five star hotels still use renovation as a reactive rather than proactive property management tool. The study suggests that renovation was found to be most successful in organisations that have clearly stated renovation strategies, a good relationship between the managing and owning companies, sufficient funds, and greater customer involvement. While the findings may be applicable to hotels other than five star and located in other parts of the world, further research would be required to conform this. The paper will be useful to hotel groups, or those advising such clients who are considering renovation of luxury hotel accommodation. Results are discussed in the context of theoretical and empirical work on renovation, and product development.


Hassanien, A. (2006). Exploring hotel renovation in large hotels: a multiple case study. Structural survey. 24, 41-64. doi:10.1108/02630800610654414. ISSN 0263-080X



Egypt; Hospitality services; Hotels

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