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Fractals, complexity and chaos in supply chain networks.

  Recent work identifying an equilibrium solution in a supply chain network through cooperation and coordination along edges (links) in the network identifies the links as the stochastic modelling entities rather than the nodes of the network. This has been generalized to a supply chain network where the equilibrium solution applies to interactions between components of supply chain networks. We introduce the concept of a component decision-maker in a supply chain as a fractal. With the aid of a simple transformation we outline features of self-similarity, invariance, chaos and feedback mechanisms, and examine some repeating patterns in prediction capability control charts. We also discuss fractal geometry in the evolution of supply chain networks

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    Book Chapter

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    30 November 2005

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    World Scientific Publishing Company

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    HD28 Management. Industrial Management

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    658 General management


Pearson, M. (2005). Fractals, complexity and chaos in supply chain networks. In Novak, M. M. (Ed.). Complexus Mundi: emergent patterns in nature, 135-145. World Scientific Publishing Company. doi:10.1142/9789812774217_0011. ISBN 978-981-256-666-9


Fractals; supply chain network; equilibrium solution; component decision-maker;

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