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Green anarchist: a case study in radical media.

  After noting the anarchist contribution to both the New Social Movements (henceforth NSM) of the 1990s and the alternative media that support them, this article establishes a theoretical model for analysing these media, based on Alberto Melucci's (1996) six organisational conditions of collective action. It applies these to a case study of Green Anarchist and traces the paper's aims and organisational methods from its founding in 1984 to the present. It focuses on its current editorial practices and the role that its readers play in contributing to its pages. Finally, it finds that - far from being a paper that is at some remove from the everyday activities of NSM actors, as Melucci seems to expect such media to be - Green Anarchist reflects these activities and involves such actors directly in its organisation and writing. Hence it offers a model of radical media that is fully integrated into collective action.

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Atton, C. (1998). Green anarchist: a case study in radical media. Anarchist studies. 7, 25-49



New Social Movement; collective action; alternative media; Green Anarchist; radical media;

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