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How to tackle auditory interface aesthetics? Discussion and case study.

  This paper discusses the importance of auditory interface
aesthetics and presents an empirical investigation of sound
aesthetics in context. The theoretical discussion examines the relationship between sound aesthetics and user satisfaction and concludes that, despite the creation of numerous auditory design methods and guidelines, none are dedicated to achieving aesthetically pleasing designs. In a case study, an empirical investigation is conducted to evaluate the relationship between the functional and aesthetic value of an auditory interface. By investigating two different tasks, this study demonstrates that the nature of the tasks allocated to subjects has a significant
impact on the aesthetic judgments made by the subjects.
Consequently, functional and aesthetic properties of auditory cannot be dealt with independently.

  • Date:

    06 July 2004

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LePlâtre, G. & McGregor, I. (2004). How to tackle auditory interface aesthetics? Discussion and case study



Auditory interface; User satisfaction; Empirical investigation; Auditory aesthetics; Auditory functionality;Evaluation; Task driven; Computer software; Virtual environment; Software design;

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