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Modelling bulk water temperature in integrated collector storage systems.

  A simple low cost Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heater (ICS-SWH) was proposed for simulation in Scottish weather conditions. The system takes the form of a rectangular-shaped design incorporating the solar collector and storage tank into a single unit and the simplicity of construction and installation make this type of SWH a popular
choice of solar water heater. A 3-month experimental and numerical study on the ICS-SWH was undertaken in order to compare the results with a newly developed macro model.
Improvements were incorporated into the macro model by differentiating non-finned and finned collectors. The macro model was able to compare the water bulk temperature
variation in different SWH collector material, with or without fins, internal temperature and external weather conditions for a given aspect ratio. Numerical results obtained by this new
tool were found to be in close agreement with the experimental data.

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    TD Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

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    621.47 Solar-energy enineering


Currie, J., Garnier, C., Muneer, T., Grassie, T. & Henderson, D. (2008). Modelling bulk water temperature in integrated collector storage systems. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. 29, 203-218. doi:10.1177/0143624408094277. ISSN 0143-6244



Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heater; ICS-SWH;

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