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Modelling pedestrian movement on sidewalks

  Several models have been created over the years that are used in simulation packages to predict pedestrian speed and flow on sidewalks. However, the predictive power of these models has been weak. In this paper the results of a modeling exercise in the United Kingdom is reported. A number of video surveys of pedestrian movement on sidewalks, which are representative of different levels of service, have been made. These videos have been analyzed to yield data on pedestrian flows and speeds and a variety of other variables. From this data regression models have been constructed and the predictive performance of these models assessed and found to perform reasonably well. The value of the models to designers is then discussed.


Raeside, R. & Al-Azzawi, M. (2007). Modelling pedestrian movement on sidewalks. Journal of Urban Planning and Development. 133, 211-219. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9488(2007)133:3(211). ISSN 0733-9488



Pedestrian movement; Pavement traffic; Video data; Pedestrian flow; Pedestrian speed; Regression model; Predictive assessment;

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