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On the design of scalable pipelined broadcasting for mesh networks

  Minimising the communication latency and achieving considerable scalability are of paramount importance when designing high performance broadcast algorithms. Many algorithms for wormhole-switched meshes have been widely reported in the literature. However, most of these algorithms handle broadcast in a sequential manner and do not scale well with the network size. As a consequence, many parallel applications cannot be efficiently supported using existing algorithms. Motivated by these observations, this paper presents a new broadcast algorithm for the all-port mesh networks. The unique feature of the proposed algorithm is its capability of handling broadcast in only one message-passing step irrespective of the network size. Results from a comparative analysis and simulation reveal that the proposed algorithm exhibits superior performance characteristics over those of the well-known Recursive Doubling, Extending Dominating Node and Network Partitioning algorithms

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    Book Chapter

  • Date:

    30 November 2001

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    IEEE Computer Society Press

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Al-Dubai, A. & Ould-Khaoua, M. (2001). On the design of scalable pipelined broadcasting for mesh networks. In High Performance Computing Systems and Applications, 98-105. IEEE Computer Society Press. doi:10.1109/HPCSA.2002.1019140. ISBN 0-7695-1626-2



multiprocessor interconnection networks; parallel algorithms; pipeline processing; all-port mesh networks; broadcast algorithm; communication latency; message-passing parallel algorithms; scalability;

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