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Optimising the container transhipment hub location in northern Europe.

  This paper applies a specific research methodology designed to evaluate and compare competing seaport locations within a given region as the optimal site for international container transhipment activity. The main focus is on container transhipment hub locations
in northern Europe. Transhipment is the fastest growing segment of the containerport market,resulting in significant scope to develop new transhipment terminal capacity to cater for future expected traffic flows. Transport distances and associated shipping costs are calculated for existing hub locations and these are then compared with a new proposed transhipment location in the region, in this instance the vast natural deep-water harbour at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. Findings from the research demonstrate that current container hub ports are not necessarily optimal (for serving transhipment markets),and that alternative port sites such as Scapa Flow could provide a superior and more competitive location from which to support the fast expanding transhipment markets of northern Europe.


Baird, A. (2006). Optimising the container transhipment hub location in northern Europe. Journal of Transport Geography. 14, 195-214. doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2004.12.004. ISSN 0966-6923


Shipping; Trans-shipment facilities; Port locations; Shipping costs; Distance as cost; Economics;

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