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The Mundane and its reproduction in alternative media.

  Alternative media may be characterised by the degree to which they are de-professionalised, de-institutionalised and de-capitalised. Using these characteristics as a starting point, the presence of the mundane in the production of alternative media is explored. Common features that are suggestive of a mundane approach include: the incorporation of media production into the routines of everyday life; the site of production in a domestic setting; and the depiction of everyday activities in the content of the media itself. Examples are provided from fanzines, perzines and new social movement media. The personal home page is presented as an exemplar of these ‘mundane media’ that draws on the resources of capitalism in both its communication form and its content. It is argued that, whilst the home page might lack the infractory dimension found in the popular production explored by John Fiske, its analysis offers insights into the development of identity and sociality through popular production by the ‘silent majority.’

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Atton, C. (2001). The Mundane and its reproduction in alternative media. Journal of Mundane Behavior. 20



Mundane; Fanzine; social movement media; alternative media; perzines; popular production;

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