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The use of organo-alkoxysilane coupling agents for wood preservation.

  Corsican pine (Pinus nigra) sapwood was treated with methanolic solutions of two organo alkoxysilanes ([γ-(methacryloxy)propylx] trimethoxy silane (TMPS), or vinyl trimethoxy silane (VTMS)). Various treatment parameters were studied in order to determine the optimum method for obtaining a stable weight percentage gain. For TMPS, it was found that best results were obtained when a free-radical initiator was used in conjunction with the silane. This indicates that polymerisation of this species occurs via the pendant methacryloxy moeity, a result confirmed by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance studies of the treated wood. For VTMS, wood moisture content had a profound influence upon the weight percentage gain due to treatment, with higher weight percentage gains obtained as wood moisture content was increased. This indicates that polymerisation in this case occurred via the formation of silanol groups to form siloxane linkages. Solid-state NMR confirmed that the double bond of the organo-functional group was intact after polymerisation had occurred. Modified wood samples were then prepared using optimised treatments for each silane. The wood was prepared to a variety of weight percentage gains and the effect of treatment on the dimensional stability and decay properties of the treated material studied. Treatment of Corsican pine sapwood with the two organo-alkoxy silanes, resulted in only moderate increases in dimensional stabilisation, with anti shrink efficiency values (after 5 water-soak/oven-dry cycles) no greater than 40%. Treatments were found to be relatively stable to hydrolysis. Some differences were observed in the effectiveness of the two silanes in providing protection. Full decay protection required high treatment levels with the silanes.

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    01 May 2004

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    Walter de Gruyter Gmbh

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Hill, C. A. S., Farahani, M. R. M. & Hale, M. D. C. (2004). The use of organo-alkoxysilane coupling agents for wood preservation. Holzforschung. 58, 316-325. doi:10.1515/HF.2004.049. ISSN 0018-3830


Wood preservation; Shrinkage prevention; Treatment; Organo- alkosilanes;

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