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Viewing objects.

  This paper examines the incorporation of database views into an object oriented conceptual model. An approach is presented where views are themselves objects, instances of view classes. These view objects provide new ways of interacting with preexisting data; no new objects are required to populate the view. Although this approach requires no new concepts to be added to the object oriented data model, a large category of views may be realised. These views allow (parameterisable) specification of their populations, and may be arranged in hierarchies; the objects they contain may be decompoed or combined, and may have properties added or hidden. The views presented maintain the integrity of the underlying object model, and allow updating where appropraite. A prototype implementation of a data management system supporting such views is described briefly.


Barclay, P. J. & Kennedy, J. (1992). Viewing objects. In Worboys, M. & Grundy, A. F. (Eds.). Advances in databases: Proceedings of the 11th British National Conference on Database Systems, 93-110. doi:10.1007/3-540-56921-9_6. ISBN 978-3-540-56921-3



Database theory; Object-oriented databases; Visualisation of data; Views as objects; View classes; Parametric specification of population; Hierarchical populations; Database management system; Prototype;

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