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You are where you have been.

  Location is a critical aspect of both privacy and surveillance. A detailed record of locations allows all sorts of other information to be linked together, adding to information about the subject and his or her associates in the same way that a unique identifier allows dataveillance to be expanded so swiftly and extensively. This time by allowing the linking of both the activities and records of many different people together. Location technologies have far outstripped both publicawareness and legal and policy attention. Addressing this gap will require careful use of precise language to ensure that unexpected side effects do not occur when this is
finally faced up to, and the present paper explores both this essential language and some of the applications and linkages that need addressing. A wider public and policy understanding of the implications of the expanding capacities to track, record and monitor location is an urgent need, as it is very difficult to reverse capacities once integrated into a wide range of commercial, enforcement and intelligence
systems - as is already happening.

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    Book Chapter

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    30 November 2007

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    Australian Homeland Security Research Centre


Clarke, R. A. & Wigan, M. (2007). You are where you have been. In Michael, K. & Michael, M. (Eds.). Australia and the new technologies: Evidence based policy on public administration. [Proceedings of the] Third RSNA Workshop on the Social Implications of National Security: Evidence based policy on public administration, 23-24 July 2008., 100-113. Australian Homeland Security Research Centre. ISBN 9781741281507



Terrorism; Threat; Contestability; Evidence based policy; Social informatics; Community; Accountability; Risks; Intellectual Property; ACTA; DCMA; Criminalisation;

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