Where innovative minds develop great solutions.


At Edinburgh Napier University, our community of researchers create great solutions to real-world problems. Our researchers work closely with business to influence fields as diverse as sustainable construction, compassionate care and responsible tourism.

The recent Research Excellence Framework review recognised our commitment to excellence, highlighting over half of our research as world-leading or internationally excellent.

Join us at Edinburgh Napier to work alongside our world-class academic staff and make a real impact on issues affecting the economy and society in Scotland and the wider world.


Recently, we have been:


We are using new mobile and internet technology to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered across Europe. Meanwhile, other work is using nature as the inspiration for computing solutions.


 We’ve helped protect over 100 hectares of tropical Kenyan mangrove forests by setting up a carbon credit scheme. Thousands of miles away, in Brazil, another scientific scheme is helping conserve mangrove crabs – a national delicacy and key to the country’s coastal ecosystem.

Mountainbiking 3.jpg

Mountain biking is worth millions to the Scottish economy. A national centre near Peebles, with Edinburgh Napier at its heart, will aim to support the burgeoning industry around this exciting growth sport. 


How do we build new homes while minimising impact on the environment? University construction experts have pioneered tech to reduce heat loss and noise levels, while other researchers are helping make more of our existing housing stock.


The Employment Research Institute has worked with governments to inform labour policies in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England for over a decade.


Can mega events like The World Cup be used to bring about social change? And what do Generation Y want from leisure events? We’re exploring those questions and others.

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