EU-China Development & Research Centre

The EU-China Development & Research Centre (DRC), based at The Business School, was officially launched in Beijing in October 2003. Since then, the DRC has built up a network of research associates in universities and organisations across China.

The DRC has been designed to facilitate:

  • Provision of research services to the business community and public sector agencies in China
  • Provision of academic expertise to current and planned research projects based in academic institutions in China
  • Provision of consultancy services and advice to private and public sector organisations in China
  • Provision of relevant contact information for economic cooperation between the EU and China
  • Development of a Network of Partner Universities and other Organisations to facilitate joint research and joint funding initiatives.

The China-EU DRC encourages academic and professional staff to exchange knowledge in research, teaching and curriculum design through academic exchange.

The DRC is involved in a number of one-off and ongoing projects, many of which are collaborative between Scotland and China.

Partner Organisations

The Centre works in collaboration with a wide range of partner organisations for the various research programmes undertaken. Currently, the partner organisations involved in the Centre are:

Partner (Contact)

  • Edinburgh Napier University (Professor Simon Gao)
  • Shandong Finance Institute (Dr. Qi Haodong)
  • Liaoning Institute of Technology (Professor Wang Jianzhong)
  • Beijing Materials Institute (Professor Zhu Runhui)
  • Harbin University of Commerce (Professor Dezhang Wang)
  • Zhejiang University of Technology(Professor Gengui Zhou)
  • Beijing International Technology Cooperation Centre (Professor Wang Qun)
  • North East Agricultural University(Professor Guo Xiangyu)
  • Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (Dr. Meng Li)
  • Sichuan University(Dr. Li Dan)
  • Beijing Municipal Government (Senior Researcher, Wang, Lie Jei)
  • Research Centre for China-EU Economic Cooperation (Beijing)(Professor Youfu Xia)
  • Nanjing Audit University

Contact us

If staff or students are interested in receiving information on any aspect of the EU-China Development & Research Centre, please email Professor Simon Gao at s.gao@napier.ac.uk.

If you are based in China and interested in sending a visiting scholar or in receiving visiting scholars from the University please contact, in the first instance, Ms. Sunny Sun at the Edinburgh Napier University office in Beijing at sunny.sun@napierchina.com.