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International students

Living in Edinburgh


Our University is situated in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, a major UK city and home to the Scottish Parliament.

Clean, compact and safe, Edinburgh tops the list of European cities where people would most like to live. Lively, diverse and vibrant, the population of Edinburgh is around 460,000 and as it is home to four universities; making the city a respected place of learning. The 24-hour, student-friendly buzz provides an excellent backdrop for studying and socialising.

The location is also well-suited for degrees offered at Edinburgh Napier: for anyone studying journalism, Edinburgh is the centre of political activity in Scotland; for those interested in festival and event management, the city is home to the world's largest arts festival; for those studying business, it is a key financial sector and the university offers strong industry links.  



We offer University-managed accommodation near our campuses in Edinburgh, for a very competitive rate - or you may wish to look for a private sector flat. If you would like any advice such as which neighbourhoods to focus your search on, don't hesitate to contact us using the details on the right. Lots of students post on our international students Facebook group and main University Facebook page looking to link up with other students and find available flats - why not check it out? 



Public transport in Edinburgh is excellent. Buses go all over the city, even late at night. You do not need to worry about a car - many residents of Edinburgh never own a car.  

Edinburgh Napier University is a great base for exploring Europe on a budget. Low-cost airlines like easyJet and Ryanair fly from the Edinburgh airport and offer incredibly cheap fares to destinations all over Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe. 

Staying in touch


You can easily obtain an inexpensive mobile phone (cell phone) and sim card here in the UK (some basic phones cost about £20). You can buy a "pay as you go" plan which is best if you don't need a lot of minutes talking on the phone. This lets you top up your balance at any time at local shops, through ATM machines, etc. Alternatively, you can sign up for a one-year contract where you pay monthly.  

Carphone Warehouse is a good shop to visit to compare different phone models and the rates of different providers' plans. You can also go to shops that will unlock a phone so that it is compatible with any provider's sim cards. If you already have a phone, you may be able to unlock it and swap the sim card for a UK sim. Not all phones have a removable sim card, so in that case, you would need to purchase a new phone. These types of mobile phone shops usually sell a range of phones, sim cards, and accessories and can be very affordable. Just ask around for a local shop if you don't notice one in your neighbourhood.

Skype is also a great way to stay in touch with family and friends at home and will certainly help to keep your phone bills low! You can talk for free if both parties have skype accounts (if your computer or laptop isn't equipped with a microphone, you'll need to purchase a headset. You can also call a landline or mobile phone for incredibly low rates per minute. The era of expensive long-distance calls is over! 

Healthy eating


Eating the right food, and enough of it, is vital for healthy brain cells!

Edinburgh has a huge variety of shops where you can buy food from different parts of the world, so you should be able to find food that is familiar to you.

To save money, try shopping around and try different corner shops and supermarkets - you might be surprised where you can find a bargain! Fruit and vegetables that are grown locally and available without being stored or imported are usually a cheap source of food. Check out the Eat the Seasons website to find out what's good to eat on a weekly basis.