Ada Lovelace Workshops

We would like to welcome you to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and share science and technology fun. 

Start date and time

Tuesday 9 October 2018 5:00 PM

Event cost


Every year, we celebrate the achievements of women in STEM. We encourage local girls and young women to join in and celebrate with us.
This year, we’ve got interactive demos where you can get involved with robots and programme wearable computers; you can make a code-cracking Enigma machine from a cardboard tube and a local off-Internet network with your mobile phone; plus more fun stuff to share our research and let you play with latest technologies.

We’ll also have tea-time treats, like snacks and ice cream to tide you over.

At 6:30, IBM’s Sharon Moore MBE and Equate’s Allison Johnstone will talk about women in STEM and answer your questions.

Interested? Register for free here.

If you're staying for the lecture by Sharon Moore MBE and Allison Johnstone, please register separately at the event page.

For more info, contact Dr Ella Taylor-Smith.