Understanding the Ununderstandable - Prof. Austyn Snowden & Dr. Mick Fleming

A PUBLIC lecture will examine how improving the communication process can help clinicians to help others.

Start date and time

Wednesday 30 August 2017 6:00 PM

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Professor Austyn Snowden and Dr Mick Fleming will deliver “Understanding the Ununderstandable” at Sighthill on August 30.
Billed as a lecture about listening very carefully, the academics from the Mental Health theme within the School of Health & Social Care will explore the process of listening to and understanding the people you are ultimately trying to help.
Dr Fleming will examine clinical strategies for immersing ourselves in other people’s reality, referencing delusions and religious beliefs, and giving examples of approaches which have helped people recover.
Professor Snowden will draw on his research which indicates that outcomes can be improved by asking patients to complete an assessment of their physical, psychological, social, family and practical needs before consultation.
He also introduces the Scottish PROM, a five-item measure of spiritual care he created along with chaplain colleagues, which is now used worldwide to help chaplains understand the needs of their patients and the impact of their interventions. 
The lecture, which is free to attend and open to all and with wine and nibbles afterwards, will take place in the Sighthill lecture theatre at 6pm on Wednesday 30th August.