Intermediate 2 and Higher Level

These resources have been created to encourage the development of critical historical enquiry and interpretation skills for Intermediate-2 and Higher Level History students. Some of the activities also cross over into the English syllabus, looking at the relative importance of creative literary works as a primary source in our interpreting of the past.

Resources for Intermediate 2 and Higher Level

Students engage with a range of primary sources and develop a greater comprehension of the variety of interpretations and perspectives of the war from both a wider national and personal, experiential context. Resources can be used in the classroom, at home or at the exhibition. They inspire individual as well as group work and include suggestions for interesting discussions and other stimulating activities. 

The Monster Within? 

This interactive resource acts as a good supplement to The Hydra PDF. Students conduct a visual analysis of the symbolism and significance of the "pleasing and artistic cover" of the Hydra, New Series, designed by Adrian Berrington, and try to find out what lies beneath the surface of this important in-hospital publication.

The Hydra is the magazine of Craiglockhart War Hospital. Established in 1917, it was produced by and for the patients. Looking closely at a variety of drawings, poems and prose from The Hydra, students are encouraged to think critically and interpret the sources to get a better understanding of personal experiences of shell shock patients at Craiglockhart.

The Britons! It's your Duty! worksheet gives students the opportunity to closely compare and contrast two very different yet very similar First World War posters. Looking at how the words and techniques used convey a specific political message, students consider how perceptions of ‘duty’ changed during the course of the War.

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    Learning Resources Pack - The Pity of War

    This learning resource pack for schools was created by Edinburgh Napier University staff. It contains lesson plans and worksheets which can be downloaded before students visit the exhibition