Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

We use our state of the art facilities to answer real-world questions, applying our research to athletes, coaches and practitioners in sport, exercise and health.

Our work revolves around three central areas: sport science, sports coaching and development and physical activity and health. We have specialist knowledge and researchers working in each of these three areas, but our unique strength lies in our cross-collaboration to answer real-world questions that lie in the overlap of these areas. These specialist areas include:

Biomechanics: Performance, injury and rehabilitation

  • Evaluating the efficacy of exercise interventions on human movement in clinical populations for example stroke recovery and multiple sclerosis 
  • Sport performance and technique analysis using innovative methods to establish the effect of technique on performance outcomes
  • Investigating injury prevention and return to play strategies used within elite sport including football and rugby

Physiology: Performance, immunology and clinical exercise interventions 

  • Physiological profiling of athletes, training loads and immune response
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and its effects on athletes and clinical populations
  • Exercise as an intervention for chronic conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular and cardio-metabolic disease

Psychology: Talent identification and development, resilience and behaviour change strategies

  • Using the analysis of psychological characteristics to identify and nurturing talent in both a sporting and workplace environment
  • Researching and applying innovative solutions to understand and improve coping and resilience in sport and life
  • Long-term behaviour change strategies including self-regulation of behaviour and emotions, adherence to physical activity and rehabilitation programmes

Coaching: Expertise and development, education and organisational structure and culture in sport

  • Analysing development trends within sporting structures 
  • Understanding expertise, challenges and support requirements for effective coach development
  • Applying sports science and research practices to actively improve coaching impact and the success of coaches

Our students have access to all of our state of the art equipment, and their learning is based on practical experience of technology which they will use as graduates.