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Our partnership

Our partnership with Scotland’s most popular visitor attraction, National Museum of Scotland, grew out of ‘Rip It Up’, a major exhibition dedicated to Scottish pop music in 2018.

Edinburgh Napier tutors recruited students from relevant courses to create an ‘interdisciplinary agency’ to create a campaign that would support the exhibition.

Future Features’ looked at the future of Scottish pop music, and involved students from Communications, Advertising & PR, Television, Photography, Popular Music, Graphic Design and Journalism. The campaign was nominated for a Best Collaboration award by Creative Edinburgh. The project culminated with ‘Rip It Up: Remixed’, a night of Scottish pop music with a twist, featuring our very own music students. 

'Time & Place' documented music fans' memories of iconic gigs and venues in Scotland, and involved over 30 Film and Television students. This allowed our students to benefit from the experience of being involved in such an integral piece of a major art exhibition.

What our partners say

“All our staff agreed that working with these students was such a pleasure. They were so committed and it was interesting to see how they were so enthusiastic and excited about the project but at the same time approached it very seriously. This [Rip It Up] was a really good project for all of us.”

- Lee McCulley, Adult Learning Officer, National Museum of Scotland

What our students say

“Having the opportunity to work on a live project with a real budget, creating content from start to finish, and working with a team from different disciplines has been invaluable.

Collaborating with students from various disciplines has given me an experience which has helped dictate the role I want to pursue after leaving university. It has been great fun and taught me so many things you can’t get from a textbook.”

Joanne Frier, fourth-year Communications, Advertising & PR student, Future Features campaign

Future Features


SKJØR is a four-piece indie-rock band from Edinburgh. Also named in several Scottish ‘ones-to-watch’ shortlists, SKJØR have recently supported big names such as Scouting For Girls and Fickle Friends.

Gus Harrower

Singer-songwriter Gus Harrower has performed around Scotland and been featured in several well-known Scottish publications and productions including The Scotsman and STV News. Gus was nominated for the Best Acoustic act for the 2017 Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

Anna McLuckie

Anna McLuckie is a folk musician from Edinburgh. Her music is instantly recognisable by its inclusion of the clarsach – a small Celtic harp. Anna was featured on The Voice back in 2014 and was mentored by during her time on the show. Alongside performing as a solo artist, Anna also fronts indie-rock band Diving Station.

Dancing on Tables

Hailing from Dunfermline, pop band Dancing on Tables have featured in various Scottish ‘ones-to-watch’ shortlists and recently signed to American record label LV Music.

Time & Place

The Time & Place film project saw Film and Television students work on a film exploring fans memories of iconic gigs and venues in Scotland.

The film was produced by BA film graduate, Nasreen Saraei and was an integral piece of the Rip It Up exhibition.

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