Engineering Research Group

A cohesive, coordinated and coherent approach that integrates engineering research with commercial knowledge transfer.

The ERG Vision

The Engineering Research Group was formed to supply technical support to start-up companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and larger companies throughout Scotland and Europe and to help businesses develop and deliver multidisciplinary technology products and solutions.   

Academic research in ERG is focussed on well-defined high risk projects with significant potential industrial impact. 

ERG is structured into three broad based technical research areas:

ERG Research Themes

The Engineering Research Group covers research and development in General Engineering within SEBE.  ERG is structured round three engineering areas, Materials, Civil Engineering and Sensors, Automation, Design and Production.    There is a range of priority topics for research under these three supported themes:

Civil: Geotechnics, Structures, Earthquakes, Historic Building Restoration.

Civil: Soil Mechanics, Soil Mixtures, Slope Failure, Landfill.

Materials: Nano Cellulose & Nano-Fibrils.

Materials: Metals, Surfaces & Coatings, Self-Healing Coatings.

Materials: Novel Fuel Cell Manufacture, Electrodes, Polymers.

Sensors & Automation, Design & Production (SADP): Electronic Design, Monitoring Devices for Health & Wellbeing, Environmental Monitoring.

Sensors & Automation, Design & Production (SADP): Fibre optic & Infrared Sensors.

Sensors & Automation, Design & Production (SADP): Energy Recovery in Manufacturing.