Delivering a personalised student experience

Students are at the heart of what we do and we aim to deliver an excellent personalised student experience to every student at Edinburgh Napier. To achieve this, we have set a range of goals and key performance indicators around the student experience.

To deliver an excellent personalised student experience, we will

  • Engage students as partners in our plans and decision-making
  • Deliver a coherent, personalised student learning experience through a programme-focused approach that creates a programme community and identity
  • Adopt pedagogic and technical approaches that promote and support active student learning
  • Embed the principles of assessment for learning, including authentic and feedback-rich assessment
  • Provide accredited, work-related experience linked to the curriculum as part of every student's experience
  • Increase opportunities for students to acquire international, social, sporting, volunteering and cultural experiences, developing robust means of recognising the associated learning
  • Invest in learning and social spaces that are accessible, flexible and IT enriched
  • Provide students with responsive, personalised support
  • Expand opportunities for staff and students to work in teams and across disciplines
  • Work with our college and international partners to ensure effective student transitions and integration into the University.

Key performance indicators by 2020

  • Grow our graduate employability to 95% or more
  • Increase the percentage of students with a work-related experience option from 66% to 100%
  • Record, support and grow student participation in co-curricular activities

To find out how we're currently doing against our targets, please see our Corporate Plan below.

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