Staff profile: Leanne McIntosh

Leanne is an Accounting student at the Business School while working part-time on the University's iPoints.

“I’m from the north-east of Scotland, a small town called Fochabers. It’s interesting living in Edinburgh because everything is so close together. You can catch a bus and there’s so many shops so close. Before, I had to travel an hour to get to a Primark but now it’s just five minutes away. That’s what my sister likes when she comes to visit.

“My sister’s younger and hoping to come to study at Edinburgh Napier as well. She’s doing computing at Moray College, where I also studied, and is hoping to come into third year here.

“I work on the iPoints across the University’s three campuses. I’m a casual and cover holiday, sickness absence, that sort of thing. It fits in with my studies. I also know a lot more about the services that are offered so I’ve been able to access them more as a student as a result of working here.

“You get so many different queries in the job, even people coming in with flat tyres. Just random things. I like Sighthill best. It’s nice and quiet. At Merchiston they get tons of parcels and at Craiglockhart they’ve got all the coursework to collect and give back.

“I’m going into fourth year after the summer and so far it’s going OK – exam results have been pretty good. I really like the people I’m studying with. We’ve got a nice little study group going where we all support each other through coursework and exams. In terms of tutors, Andy Moffat has been my favourite – a lot of students would say that. He gives a lot of good feedback and is really helpful and supportive.

“In my spare time, I don’t do anything weird or wonderful - I just like cooking. My mum’s a cook – she used to work in the high school canteen - so I’ve learnt things from her. I’m really quite boring – I don’t do much to dispel the stereotype of accounting students!”

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