Staff profile: Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes is a Health and Safety Adviser based at Sighthill campus.

“I first picked up drumsticks when I was six months old. My dad was the inspiration behind it - he showed me how to do the basic stuff.Sean Hughes' portrait

“He used to play in various bands – rock and roll and some Scottish stuff as well. My brother used to play too but it was me that took it on.

“I’ve never had a lesson in my life and I’m self-taught at reading music as well. I’m always trying to improve, but learning new things is more difficult the older you get.

“I was 12 when I met Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers of all time. My mother said my mouth was wide open all the way through the concert as if I was thinking ‘How is he doing that’. I shook his hand backstage at the Usher Hall, and he was my inspiration for the big band stuff I do now.

“The first big stage I played on was Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline. There was another drummer on the stage and he said that if he fell over during the concert I was just to leave him because he’d had three heart attacks already. So that wasn’t the best introduction.

“There’s 25 other musicians in the band and that’s a lot of people to get doing the same thing. But it’s good because I switch off from normal life; I forget about everything else because I have to concentrate like nobody’s business to get it right.

“Over the last 18 years I’ve played hundreds of gigs and we’ve raised about £100,000 for different charities. But the highlight for me was playing alongside my dad in the Crossford Scottish Music Group band at the Carnegie Hall – him on one side of the stage and me on the other.

“He passed away in April but I’m following on from him because I’ve got my two wee girls sitting on my knee playing the electric kit at home now, which is great.”

Sean and the Inverkeithing Community Big Band play the Fringe on Sunday 27 August.

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