Leave the ultimate gift

Here at Edinburgh Napier, we have our eyes firmly on the future. 

We look to the future of our students, equipping them with skills for life beyond university. We also look to the future of society, finding solutions to its challenges through our research.

And when we look to our own future, we have a compelling vision – to be an internationally renowned, innovative and enterprising community.

It’s clear that one group of supporters will have a crucial role in making this vision a reality – the people who give us the ultimate gift, and remember the University in their Will.

By leaving your legacy to the University, you could help provide scholarships and bursaries, to ensure that talented students of all backgrounds will always have the chance to study here.

You could support our academic work, enabling us to attract the finest minds from around the world and pursue the highest calibre of teaching and research.

Or you could help us create a world-class environment for learning, where we can continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding.

Whatever you choose to support through your Will, you can be sure that your wonderful gift would help Edinburgh Napier look to the future with confidence.