Project and travel grants

Opening up opportunities

At Edinburgh Napier we want to give all our students an experience that will enrich their lives. We also want to give them an edge when they leave university and embark on their career.

That’s why we encourage our students to get involved in a unique project – like immersing themselves in research, doing an international exchange, or developing their creative talents.

But to be innovative, students often need financial support. By funding a Student Grant, you could ensure that students don’t miss out on an experience that changes their lives – and boosts their prospects. 

Here’s how your gift could help:

Encouraging entrepreneurship

Graphic Design student Lewis Brooks wanted to use his creative skills to help others. So we awarded him a grant to set up a portable design studio, offering his services as a designer to local small businesses – for free. 

Due to my grant, I picked up valuable experience of interacting with clients. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to adapt to new environments, in the industry that I will be working in.

Lewis Brooks, Graphic Design student

Broadening students’ horizons

Ryan Latto, an Adult Nursing student, travelled to remote Tanzania to teach vital first aid skills to secondary school students. He used to his grant to buy teaching supplies and first aid kits, for his life-saving lessons. 

Volunteering completely changed my life for the better, and gave me the inspiration to push myself further. Now I’m looking forward to a career in global health, all thanks to my grant.

Ryan Latto, Adult Nursing student

Keeping elite athletes on track

A grant helped Criminology student Rachel Robertson combine her academic work with her career as an athlete. It covered her travel costs, as she represented Edinburgh Napier in long jump at national competitions. 

There have been amazing benefits of my grant. Competing in athletics has improved my confidence dramatically, it has helped me handle so many different situations and I have also made lots of friends.

Rachel Robertson, Criminology student

Conducting crucial research

We awarded a grant to Product Design student Ben Polhill, enabling him to travel to Amsterdam and research his dissertation and final year project. He examined how improving a city’s cycling infrastructure could improve its cycling culture. 

Because of my grant, I was awarded a First Class degree. And on the night of my degree show, the director of a top company came up to me and offered me a job. I was thrilled to bits.

Sabina Friman, Graphic Design student