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Are you ready to join our team? We want you to get involved, follow your passion and reach your potential. We don't want you to sit on the sidelines, we want you to apply the skills and knowledge we teach you so you can make a real impact to the health of athletes and the wider population alike. Below you can see the partners that have joined us. So will you?

Mark Beaumont: World-Record Breaker!

Our Associate Lecturer Dr. Lesley Ingram has spent the last year training Mark Beaumont to smash a world record. In the summer of 2017 Mark cycled around the world in just 79 days! Find out more about Mark's training programme, what Lesley's job is like training elite athletes, and what knowledge Lesley used to to push Mark to the limits of human endurance.

Sport, exercise and health sciences

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Calling all elite athletes and support staff

We've created a degree just for you. It's online, part-time and flexible. Your classmates are Olympians and internationally capped football and rugby players. Come join us on the BA Business and Enterprise in Sport.

Take a guided tour of our sports and exercise science labs!

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Physical Activity & Health

We believe that exercise can play a vital role in treating and alleviating disease, as well as improving the quality of life of those living with long term illnesses. Find out more about the research we do and our MSc Clinical Exercise Science.

Find out how MSc Sport Performance Enhancement student and breakdancer Uti secured a job with Scottish Rugby during his degree

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Olympic Silver Medallist Mark Robertson on his experience at Edinburgh Napier

Sport & Exercise Sciences at Edinburgh Napier

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Create exercise programmes for real clients in the MSc Clinical Exercise Science

You can learn from books as much as you want, but when you get the opportunity to see how clients carry themselves, how they respond, how they feel, how they act, it's always different.

Mindy Jurevicius

MSc Clinical Exercise Science student

Everybody can move more

We work with cancer survivors to encourage them to get active and stay active. Our Associate Professor Anna Campbell MBE applies the results of her research to the real world. Anna works with Macmillan to provide exercise classes specifically for cancer survivors throughout Scotland.

After hearing she had been awarded an MBE, Anna explains her research and the importance of staying active after a cancer diagnosis.

MSc Clinical Exercise Science

Check out our MSc in Clinical Exercise science, where Anna teaches students about the impact of her work , and you can learn how everybody can use physical activity to become athletes and develop their potential. 

We need to inspire the next generation as they’re the people that will be doing all the work. They are the ones with the energy, the new ideas, and a better grasp of new technology.

Professor Geraint Florida-James

Applied Sport Scientist at Edinburgh Napier University

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