Alpana Mair

Alpana Mair

Dr Alpana Mair FFRPharmS, MRPharmS, MSc, PhD, IP

Associate Professor


Alpana is responsible for coordinating delivery of Governments work programme, advising Ministers on Quality, Prescribing, safety and effective use of medicines and is Associate Professor at ENU. She is the project coordinator of EU funded project iSIMPATHY and SIMPATHY. She is responsible for development of National Polypharmacy guidance, and quality prescribing guidelines, patient app and shared decision-making tools. Alpana leads work for WHO on Polypharmacy and an expert adviser for WHO on patient and medication safety. For International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), she coordinates the Special Interest Group on Appropriate polypharmacy & Adherence and is EU coordinator for work on Active and Healthy Aging on polypharmacy and adherence to treatment. She is ,Honorary Clinical Fellow, Edinburgh University and affiliate of the Usher institute. She was previously the Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for Scotland



Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Expert Adviser MEDSAFE Research project, University of Copenhagen, DENMARK
  • Member of Scottish Science Group Working Group on Role of Science in Policy Making
  • Expert Adviser BEAMER EU £11.6 M Funded Project on Adherence
  • Expert Adviser for WHO Patient Safety Action Plan
  • Expert Member Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Polypharmacy position paper
  • Expert member Prescribing Competencies : Royal Pharmaceutical Society Great Britain
  • Expert Adviser to develop WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm
  • Executive Board member, ESPACOMP, European Society of Persistence Adherence & Compliance
  • Expert Adviser WHO Patient Safety Flagship
  • European Lead for European Commission DG Sante EU Innovation Partnership Polypharmacy and Adherence Lead
  • Board Member Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain


Conference Organising Activity

  • Scientific Committee member International Foundation of Integrated Care,
  • Member of WHO Scientific committee & session Chair International Conference in Patient Safety
  • Scientific committee Lead, ESPACOMP
  • Chair, Polypharmacy & Adherence SIG, International Foundation on Integrated Care


Editorial Activity

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management


Fellowships and Awards

  • Honorary Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Edinburgh
  • Affiliate Usher Institute
  • Scottish Patient Safety and Quality Fellow
  • Faculty Fellow Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain


Grant Reviewer

  • Review of Medication without harm Challenge grant
  • Grant Reviewer-Pharmacy Research UK funding


Invited Speaker

  • Improving Quality Prescribing: NES Education Conference
  • Key Note: Polypharmacy and Adherence: BEAMER
  • Key Note: WHO challenge and Polypharmacy : European HealthCare Alliance
  • Person Centred Approach to Address Medication Use : EU DigiHealth Conference, Paris
  • Implementing the WHO Third Global Patient Challenge: Flagship Reports, WHO Patient Safety Collaborative
  • Addressing Polypharmacy and Medication Safety , Oman Ministry of Health
  • Key Note: Delivering from Policy to practice: iSIMPATHY project, PresQuiPP
  • Key Note: SIMPATHY and iSIMPATHY,Intereg France :Spain_Optimage
  • Implementing The WHO challenge in Scotland: Policy to Practice, WHO & Imperial College London
  • Medication Safety in Low income countries: CMO Global Health Conference
  • Key Note: Pharmacotherapy management systems in Scotland: University of Seville
  • Addressing Polypharmacy by targeting High Risk medicines : International Society of Pharmacovigilance, Brazil
  • Vaccination Safety: International Federation of Pharmacists, Hague
  • Findings from SIMPATHY and moving to iSIMPATHY, OPTIMAGE, France
  • Addressing Medication Safety in Adversity & the COVID 19 pandemic, WHO & Imperial College Global Collaborative
  • Implementing Polypharmacy and Adherence programmes : IFIC, Oxford, Dublin
  • Key Note:Polypharmacy and age related Disease: Croatian Government
  • Patient Safety : Improving polypharmacy across Europe: International Federation of Pharmacists, Hague
  • Digital solutions to address person centred medicines use: Ageing Fit, Nice
  • Key Note: Adherence and Ageing: Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
  • Health and ageing in the XXI century: University Egas Moniz, Portugal
  • WHO Flagship reports to Address Medication without Harm, WHO, Geneva
  • Pharmacovigilance, prescribing in the Elderly and Polypharmacy , WHO Asia Pacific, India
  • Key note speaker: Findings from SIMPATHY: ESPACOMP conference, Dublin
  • Not another pill : Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Boston, USA
  • Management of Polypharmacy at Scale, Doha, Ministry of Health/ School of Pharmacy Qatar
  • Outcomes of the A1 Action Group: Conference of Partners, European Commission, Brussels ,
  • Integrated Care and Polypharmacy Management, School of Public Health ,University of Lisbon
  • Polypharmacy and Pharmacovigilance: WHO Uppsala Monitoring Centre
  • Key Note: Scottish Polypharmacy guidance and SIMPATHY, Association of UK Pharmacy Hospitals Edinburgh
  • Drug Development and Appropriate Polypharmacy; Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences ,International Federation of Pharmacists, Glasgow
  • WHO Global Medication Safety Challenge; WHO Uppsala and WHO Asia Pacific, Mysore, India
  • Patient Safety and Appropriate Polypharmacy; International Federation of Pharmacists, Hague
  • Findings from SIMPATHY: European Geriatric Medicines Society, Berlin
  • Scottish Polypharmacy Guidance : UK Medicines Information
  • Polypharmacy and pharmacists role: International Federation Pharmacist, Seoul, South Korea
  • SIMPATHY project, CHAFEA, Odense, Denmark
  • Key note: Policy, Polypharmacy and Adherence, ESPACOMP, Budapest
  • SIMPATHY implementation ; European Clinical Pharmacists Society, Heidelberg
  • Sustainable Implementation Of Polypharmacy Reviews : IFIC, Dublin
  • Aging Pharmacists Role: International Federation of Pharmacists, Seoul, South Korea
  • Implementing SIMPATHY findings in Portugal, Ministerial meeting, University of Lisbon
  • WHO Ministerial Launch of Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication, Bonn without Harm
  • Polypharmacy as a Flagship project: WHO Eastern Mediterranean Ministerial Launch, Oman
  • Scottish Model of implementing Polypharmacy: International Society of Social Pharmacy ,Aberdeen, 2016
  • Polypharmacy as a Patient Safety issue:, WHO Patient Safety Conference, Florence, Italy
  • SIMPATHY : European Geriatrics Medicines Group, Lisbon
  • Inappropriate polypharmacy, Adherence & SIMPATHY, ESPACOM, Lisbon
  • Undertaking Polypharmacy and SIMPATHY, European Clinical Pharmacists Society, Oslo
  • SIMPATHY: International Foundation of Integrated Care, Barcelona
  • Change Management & Polypharmacy, Health Economics and Policy, Athens, 2016
  • A1 Action Group achievements: SIMPATHY, European Commission Conference of Partners, Brussels
  • Pharmacist role in Pharmacovigilance, MHRA
  • Pharmacists Role and polypharmacy, European Commission, Brussels
  • Inappropriate Polypharmacy and Adherence, WHO, Japan.
  • Raising the professional bar and Polypharmacy, RPSGB Annual conference,, Birmingham, 2014
  • Management of Polypharmacy, UKMI, Birmingham
  • Prescription for Excellence , Scottish Prescribing Advisers Association Stirling, 2014
  • Prescription for Excellence, European Commission , Brussels
  • Dangers of Polypharmacy ,University of Naples


Membership of Professional Body

  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain


Public/Community Engagement

  • iSIMPATHY ministerial Launch
  • SIMPATHY Ministerial Launch



  • Editorial Team & Reviewer International Journal of Integrated Care
  • Editorial Board & Reviewer Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management
  • Reviewer :Journal of Patient Safety


Visiting Positions

  • Senior Lecturer , School of Pharmacy, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
  • Pharmacy, University of Strathclyde



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Pre-Napier Funded Projects

  • Pharmacist Street Outreach for Homeless people
  • Lead for EU funded Joint Action on Frailty subgroup: polypharmacy
  • Chief Investigator/ Project coordinator CHAFEA: SIMPATHY Public Health Funded project

Current Post Grad projects

Non-Napier PhD or MSc by Research supervisions

  • Polypharmacy
  • Impact of a National Formulary