Edel McGlanaghy

edel mcglanaghy

Dr Edel McGlanaghy



Edel is a Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow, teaching with the School of Health and Social Care, Mental Health Theme.
Edel completed her doctoral training at the University of Edinburgh, and has worked in a number of research groups including the Child and Family Research Institute, and National Core for Neuroethics at University of British Columbia, and with the Preparing for Life Evaluation team at the Geary Institute, University College Dublin.

Research Interests Include;
Complex Trauma; what happens and how can we help?

The evidence base for psychological interventions; including Network Meta Analysis of interventions for psychosis and consideration of the Adverse effects of psychological therapy

Developmental approaches to understanding adult mental health, including an interest in applying psychological theory to epidemiological findings from 'big data'.

Passionate about public engagement- especially sharing what works for mental health, and what we don't yet know.