Gordon Russell

Gordon Russell

Dr Gordon Russell

Associate Professor


Gordon is Head of Subject of the Cyber Security and Networks group, which has a successful portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and around 15 staff. His current research interests focus on Cryptography, Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.
He has led the development of the GCHQ certified MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics, including introducing new modes of study including distance learning.  Along with this Gordon led the development of the MSc Advanced Security and Cybercrime, which provides distance learning opportunities for postgraduate studies. He project manages the BSc Cyber Higher Apprenticeship degree in the School.
Gordon has also helped develop The Cyber Academy, which aims to disseminate cyber intelligence at both a national and international level, with current links in Europe to law enforcement. He is currently an external examiner at the University of Bedfordshire.
Gordon has a strong international reputation, which has been built on innovative teaching and virtualization environments, such as LinuxZoo. His current research work investigates decrypting messages using keys extracted from active virtual machines, forensic triage techniques to improve the speed of forensics analysis, and detecting cyber attacks on industrial systems including public water supplies.




Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Member of the Technical Expert Group for Cyber Security apprenticeships


External Examining/Validations

  • External Examiner at Bedfordshire University
  • External Examiner at Northumbria University


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