Jaylan Azer

jaylan azer

Dr Jaylan Azer

Lecturer in Marketing


I am a lecturer in Marketing at Edinburgh Napier Business School where I have been based since 2017. I have got my PhD in Marketing from The University of Strathclyde in 2018. My research interests are focused within the services domain around the complementary concepts of Service Dominant Logic, value co-creation and customer engagement. Within this domain I have a particular focus on the behavioural manifestations of engagement and their impact within society. I also teach and lead a variety of Marketing modules which relate closely to my research interests. My research has been published in a range of academic journals including the Journal of Service Management.

Research Areas


Conference Activity

  • Forms and Triggers of customer's negatively-valenced engagement behaviour
  • Negative Valence of Engagement Behaviour
  • Negatively-valenced Customer Engagement Behaviour: Forms and Drivers
  • The Impact of Negatively-valenced Influencing Behavior


Fellowships and Awards

  • British Funds for Women Graduates
  • Excellent Research Prize
  • Postgraduate Research Travel Award



  • Journal of Service Management
  • Journal of Hospitality and Society


Public/Community Engagement

  • Organising international conferences- Volunteer
  • International conference Organised - Volunteer