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Napier University 1986-present: Lecturer and Programme Leader. Five years Programme Leader for Higher National Certificate/Higher National Diploma courses. Represented University interests in Scottish Qualification Agency (SQA) design of new national engineering qualifications. Facilitator in Faculty teacher training seminar programme. Taught Microprocessors, Signal Processing and Human Computer Interfacing on MSc Programmes. Currently lecturer in School of Computing, specialising in HCI and Web Design. Supervised and examined successful PhD students:

Second Supervisor: Hu Xia, "The Propagation of Linearly Polarised Modes and the Bending Losses in Elliptical Core Optical Fibre" (1996)
Internal Examiner: Dickon Jackson, "Microwave-Induced Bulk Pressures for Liquid Analysis" (1999)
Second Supervisor: Timothy Chamberlain, "Measuring Pedestrian Gait using Low Resolution Infrared People Counters (2009)
Panel Chair: Natalie Kerracher, "Tasks and visual techniques for exploration of temporal graph data" (2015)
Panel Chair: Andrew Russell, "The manufacture of gas turbine compressor components by metal injection moulding" (2015)
Internal Examiner: Nena Roa-Seiler, "Towards an emotionally intelligent interaction strategy for multimodal embodied conversational agents acting as companions" (2015)
Supervisor: Dalal Zahran, "Web Engineering for the Evaluation of Large Complex Web Systems: Methodologies in Web Metrics" (2015)

Academic Experience:

Five years as a Programme Leader for HNC/HND courses.
Represented University interests in Scottish Qualification Agency (SQA) design of new national engineering qualifications.
Programme Leader for BEng programme in Web Systems.
Responsible for MSc dissertation module.
School Academic Conduct Officer.
Program Committee Reviewer BHCI 2017 (British HCI 2017)

G.L. Ultrasound 1984-86: Senior Development Engineer, working on card controlling a motorised ultrasonic probe for medical imaging, then on specification of medical doppler unit. (Learned HP64000 development system and 6809 microprocessor).

University of Edinburgh 1980-84: Full-time Research Associate, then Research Fellow, working on adaptive filters for data communications. (Gave seminar on passive sonar and spectral analysis techniques. Supervised student projects on Radar ambiguity functions and on lattice filters. Supervised student labs. Main body of work involved extensive computer modelling using Fortran. A TTL subrack and a chip set were designed as part of the study. The TTL unit was used to analyse speech signals. (There were applications in the fields of speech analysis and synthesis and helium speech unscrambling.))

Nokia Electronics (Finland) 1974-80: Two years as technical editor/translator, preparing technical manuals for banking terminal project (Finnish KOP bank). Supervising documentation system. Finding and supervising freelance translators.

Then four years (still at Nokia) as a process-control equipment design engineer, specialising in data communications. (Work involved microprocessor hardware and software).

Televa (Finland) 1972-74: Digital circuit design engineer for stored program control (SPC) telephone exchange project. (Learned TTL and Basic)

Pye Telecommunications 1970-72: Radiotelephone development engineer. (Mainly investigating and solving production problems with existing designs)


Puppetry, storytelling. (I ran a storytelling circle for 3 years and was a member of the Scottish Storytelling Forum, advising on and recommending Scottish Art Council grants.)

Folk music (freelance ceilidh caller, play a variety of instruments, have worked in band as whistle player, ran a website on Shetland music).

Church: Been responsible for church electronics 1986-2009. Area Church Warden 1988 - 1993.

Currently studying Polish (married into Polish family)

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