Majeed Soufian

Majeed Soufian

Dr Majeed Soufian



Dr Majeed Soufian has a history of successful research collaboration alongside a commitment to teaching and development of young researchers and PhD students.
He graduated with a degree in applied physics with major in solid state (NUI), a MSc in Control and information Technology (UMIST) and PhD (MMU) in Intelligent Control Systems (Hard & Soft Computing Techniques for nonlinear modelling and control with industrial applications) and he also has a MSc in Software Engineering (University of Oxford).
His research collaborations include both academic, industrial and government agency partners. As a lecturer in Industrial Automation he is currently developing a collaboration with SEBE and SoC on Industrial Control System Security (ICS2) and has secured funding for a PhD student to work in this field.
He has published over 50 research articles in international conferences and journals with a research interest in industrial automation and its security, modelling, control engineering, robotics, autonomous vehicle navigation, artificial intelligence, data mining and so on with applications ranging from industrial plastic extrusion to fermentation processes and from API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) morphology to medical microbiology.
His reputation and network of international collaboration has led to his chairing of many special sessions at international conferences. His current commitments include a successful bid for a special session on “Industrial Automation and Process System’s Security” in the 26th IEEE international Symposium on Industrial Electronics ISIE’17, and he is now principle organiser and chairman for this special session. He is also a co-chairman for five special sessions at the IEEE-ISIE17 conference.
He is in collaboration with iniLabs GmbH (a Swiss spin-off of the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich) in developing the following two focused sessions for IEEE SENSORS 2017 conference: “Sensor development for autonomous vehicle/robots/assisted driving” and in “Optimal sensor placement”. Additionally, he has a long collaboration with the control section of Candu Energy Inc (part of SNC-Lavalin).
He is a member of International Programme and Steering Committees of “Developments in eSystems Engineering” assisting in DeSE2016 and DeSE2017 International Conferences. He is also the Organising Chairman for DeSE2018 International Conference in Edinburgh, UK.
He is also an invited Track Co-chair on “Application-Specific CE for Smart Cities” for 36th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE 2018) IEEE - ICCE 2018.
He has reviewed articles for many scientific publications for Chapman & Hall, SAGE, Elsevier, ACS publication, Sciedu press as and sits on the International Editorial Review Board of Artificial Intelligence Research (AIR).
He holds a number of international patents which he exploited in the design and development of Biocypher system software architecture for rapid typing and identification of pathogens. Furthermore he founded and was technical director of Claydon Bioinformatics Ltd a R&D spin-out company/SME for which he successfully secured a £490K DTI SMART award as PI and grant holder for the same day identification of MRSA project with an estimated total budget of over £1.1M.
His industrial experience also includes establishing and managing an industrial R&D group for design and development of an electro optic sensor for semi-automatic navigation system of an autonomous mobile object and over four years in Numerical Algorithms Group where his expertise were utilised in the development and porting of numerical algorithms with some HPC (High Performance Computing) practices. Additionally he supervised an industrial project for the design and implementation of a multidimensional multivariable control system for an industrial web process after a thorough structural analysis to obtain its analytical model; was involved in the design of an intelligent system for navigation of a mobile robot and synthesised an intelligent controller for a MR Imaging field gradient system (hospital scanners).
He also worked as a visiting scientist in STFC (Science and Technology Facility Council), Daresbury Laboratories toward a feasibility study of multi-scale (ranging from Angstrom to meter) modelling and developing a distributed system software for it.

Research Groups



  • Book review for Chapman & Hall on adaptive optimal control
  • Elsevier: Journal of Infection, Genetics and Evolution (2004).
  • ACS Publication for a publication for Image-based identification of face specific growth rate
  • SAGE Publications: Transaction of Measurement and Control
  • Elsevier: Future Generation Computer Systems (2017)


Editorial Activity

  • International Editorial Review Board of Artificial Intelligence Research
  • International Programme Committee member of DeSE


Conference Activity

  • IEEE-ISIE17: Chair of the Special Session on "Industrial Automation and Process System’s Security (SS10)"
  • Organising Chairman for "Numerical Algorithms" and Co-chair for "Modelling Advances", Multiphysics 2008
  • Reviewer and sceientific commitee memeber DeSE2017
  • Reviewer and sceientific commitee memeber DeSE2016
  • IEEE-ISIE17: Principal Organiser of the Special Session on "Industrial Automation and Process System’s Security (SS10)"
  • IEEE-ISIE17: Co-Chair of the Special Session on "Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance in Power Electronics and Drives (SS08)"
  • IEEE-ISIE17: Co-Chair of the Special Session on "Signal and Power Automation Design for Communication Systems (SS14)"
  • IEEE-ISIE17: Track Co-Chair on “Engineering Education (T13)”
  • IEEE-ISIE17: Track Co-Chair on “Sensors, Actuators and Micro-/Nanotechnology (T10)”
  • IEEE-ISIE17: Track Co-Chair on “Factory Automation and Industrial Informatics. (T07)”
  • Succeed to secure a focused session in IEEE Sensor 2017 on "Sensor for Smart Living" with others after a rigorous competition and peer review
  • Succeed to secure a special session in IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics 2017 on "Industrial Automation and Process System's Security" with others after a rigorous competition and peer review
  • Focused Session Co-chair on "Sensor for Smart Living" in IEEE Sensor 2017 Conference
  • International Reviewer for IEEE Sensor 2017 Conference


Spin-outs and Licences

  • Patents in rapid identification of Pathogens to MMUK, Claydon Bioinformatics & MMU


Invited Speaker

  • National Physics Lab; Integrating NAG Library and LABView® for Multiphysics applications
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim
  • Pfizer plc,
  • CCDC
  • Leeds University
  • Pfizer plc 2012
  • Bruker Daltonics Ltd
  • GSK Plc
  • Kellogg, Plc,
  • HPA 5th Conference (on Diagnosis of Infectious Disease 2002 London, UK) on new techniques in Rapid Identification of Pathogens
  • SAL/SAI Ltd,
  • Waters/MMUK Ltd,
  • University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic.
  • Zeneca Plc,
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Predictive Control Limited
  • Control'98 (International Conference, Swansea, UK) on Multi-dimensional Modelling Techniques
  • International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering 2017
  • Multiphysics 2008 (International Conference, Narvik, Norway) on High Performance Computing and Parallel Multiphysics,


Fellowships and Awards

  • Co-applicant, Synthonic Engineering phase 1, Pfizer PLC, £245k
  • Co-applicant, Synthonic Engineering phase 2, Consortium of 5 companies, £337k
  • 1/10/2015-10/01/2016 as Knowledge base supervisor led a successful bid for 24 month KTP (before my departure to ENU) with Omega Security Ltd, Innovate UK, £120,000


Pre-Napier Funded Projects

  • 1/06/2004-31/05/2007, Principal Investigator and Grant Holder, The same day identification of MRSA, DTI SMART Grant Award for ~£490,000
  • Principal Investigator, Technology Transfer: using MALDI-ToF-MS for Pathogen Identification, MMUK Ltd (Waters Plc) for £50,000
  • Principal Investigator, Development of two Car Steering Wheel Test Rigs, Specialist Transport Advisory & Testing Utility Society (STATUS Ltd) for £20,000
  • Principal Investigator, Food Engineering: Analysing Quality Control Data of a Dough Mixer in British Bakery, SnakLink (MPC and British Bakery) for £2000
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Process Control, Taco Holdings Ltd for ~£10000
  • 1/07/2014-31/12/2014, Principal Investigator, Multiscale Modelling feasibility study in Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Research and Innovation Office, University of Leeds ~ £12,000
  • 01/07/2013-01/07/2014, Co-applicant for solvent mediated morphology prediction of API (SystSearch post integration), Consortium of 5 companies (Pfizer, Novartis, Infineum petroleum, Syngenta, Boehringer-Ingelheim ), £337k
  • 01/07/2012- 01/07/2013 Co-applicant, Systematic Search engine, Pfizer PLC, £245k
  • 1/10/2015-10/01/2016 as Knowledge base supervisor led a successful bid for 24 month KTP (before departure to ENU) with Omega Security Ltd, Innovate UK, £120,000

Current Post Grad projects

Non-Napier PhD supervisions

  • The 2nd Supervisor, A.A. Rahman, MPhil/PhD, Complete, SQP Optimisation of Constraint Neuro-Model based Predictive Control, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • UK Supervisor, S. Nefti, PhD, Complete, Neuro-fuzzy approach to the modelling and control, Manchester Metropolitan University (degree was awarded by University of Paris XXII)
  • Director of Studies, A.A. Rahman, PhD, Complete, SQP Optimisation of Constraint Neuro-Model based Predictive Control, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Assistance Supervisor, 5 students in “Microbial identification using ICM” and Intelligent Control, PhD, Complete, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Assistance Supervisor, 3 students in Synthonic Engineering, PhD, coomplete, University of Leeds
  • Director of Studies, Andres Santiago Robles Durazno, PhD, Current, Edinburgh Napier University