Rameez Asif

rameez asif

Dr Rameez Asif

Lecturer of Cybersecurity, Encryption and Networks


Dr. Rameez Asif is the member of OSA, IEICE and SPIE. He has obtained his PhD degree in 2012 from Institute of Microwaves and Photonics at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany with specialization in photonics and communication networks.

He is a multi-disciplinary researcher and academician. He gained valuable research experience as post-doctoral/senior research fellow at Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark and University of Cambridge, UK from 2014-1016 on different European projects. His present research themes include but not limited to data networking, IoT, software defined networks, cryptology, cyber-security, signal processing and photonics.

He is working as a Lecturer of cyber-security and networking. His duties include:

1. Module leader of two under-graduate courses, (a) Security Systems for IoT and (b) Applied Cisco Networking (Security/Wireless).
2. Member of the Cyber Academy. It is a leading independent and impartial source of skills and knowledge on cyber-security, supporting Scotland’s businesses and communities to be secure and successful online.
3. Supervising and leading the research projects with emphasis on the design and implementation of the cost-effective Quantum-to-the-Home (QTTH) networks with high secure key rates.

We are always looking for talented and motivated PhD/Postdoctoral candidates willing to join our team. If you have interest in one of the following research themes, send us your resume/CV to discuss the funding opportunities.

1. Quantum Optical Communications
2. Cryptography and Network Security
3. Access Networks and Data Center Applications
4. Optical Code-Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) Systems and Networks
5. Wireless-Optical Communication (UWOC) Systems and Networks
6. Elastic Optical Networks
7. Visible Light Communications
8. Free-Space Optical (FSO) Communications
9. Space-Division Multiplexing Systems
10. Software Defined Networks and IoT

Current Post Grad projects