Sibylle Ratz

Sibylle Ratz

Sibylle Ratz MSc SFHEA



Sibylle Ratz studied in Germany, Russia and the UK and has worked as a teacher, translator, course coordinator and lecturer in Germany and Scotland. She is employed at Edinburgh Napier University as a lecturer in languages and programme leader for the undergraduate degree programme “International Business Management and Language”. Sibylle is module leader for the German modules and of "Modern Language and Film". Sibylle also teaches on “Intercultural Training for the Year Abroad” where she is the contact person for students of German. Currently, Sibylle is working towards a PhD at London Metropolitan University in the field of second language identity in multilingual contexts.

Research Areas


Conference Activity

  • Refereed paper at 13th Annual Lancaster Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching
  • Refereed paper at IALIC conference 2017
  • Refereed Paper at Edinburgh Napier Teaching and Learning Conference


Fellowships and Awards

  • Senior Fellow of HEA