Wattala Fernando

wattala fernando

Mr Wattala Fernando

Research Student/Associate Lecturer


Wattala received his Bachelor degree in Mobile Communication Engineering from Northumbria University Newcastle Upon Tyne UK in 2011. After graduation, he acquired significant experience working with a number of employers - Ericson, Vodafone and Huawei for Olympic Project (London Cluster), MBNL Network project (Scotland), Vodafone SRAN project (Manchester & Liverpool cluster), Vodafone and Telefonica LTE project (London cluster) and Vodafone and Telefonica Beacon project (Glasgow and Manchester cluster). in 2015 he completed MSc in Energy, Water and Environmental Management from Abertay University Dundee, UK. The work at Ericson, Vodafone and Huawei gave him valuable industrial and practical experience especially in the field of power engineering and that helped him to follow his MSc. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD degree in the field of energy engineering and the main aim of the project seeks to enhance Smart Energy System for 100% Renewable Energy and Transport Solutions for Sri Lanka.

Wattala has more than 15 years hands-on experience in Fixed Telephony, Mobile Communication and Power Engineering with major telecommunications organisations of both national and international repute. Before joining Northumbria University, Wattala worked for Sri Lanka Telecom, Dialog Telekom and Alcatel Lucent for National Fibre Link, Regional Telecom Development Projects 1, 2, 3 and In-Building Solutions projects. He worked within the Engineering Project section of Dialog Telekom for over eight years, a company specializing in design, implementation, testing and commissioning of In-Building Solution in mobile telecommunications industry in Sri Lanka.

Wattala worked as a part-time lecturer at St Andrews University's Sustainable Engineering Programme for three years. Within this project, he delivered lectures regarding sustainable waste management and renewable energy technologies. He also took part as a co-worker at the university energy projects such as Boiler Mass running with wood chips, Solar Panels project and Wind Turbines project to achieve University’s zero carbon emission by 2020.

During his PhD Wattala is contributing to teaching in the School of Engineering and Built Environment. He was a Lecturer for Electronics Communication subject for MSc in Electrical Engineering. Currently he is contributing to teaching Solar Energy System to MSc Renewable Energy and Advanced Energy System two for B Eng (Hons) in Energy and Environmental Engineering students. Also he is diligently contributing his knowledge, skills and experience, gained from his PhD trainings, courses and conferences in energy engineering to student projects at various levels, i.e. to BEng (Hons) and MSc Projects.

Currently, Wattala is following Post Graduate in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practice (PGc LTAP) part time course at Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement at Edinburgh Napier University.

Currently Wattala is actively participating in designing and implementing new renewable energy projects carried out by Sri Lankan public sector and private sector to encourage Sri Lanka’s Green Energy concept. These projects have helped him to prepare feasibility reports for few renewable energy projects. Wattala has involved in few energy-related projects in Sri Lanka and has made a valuable contribution to the projects by proposing some innovative ideas based on some technical calculations to prepare feasibility reports and presentations for the government approval.

Research Groups


3 results

Renewable energy resources and technologies applicable to Sri Lanka towards a 100% RE future

Conference Proceeding
Fernando, W., Gupta, N., Ozveren, C. S., & Givaki, K. (2019)
Renewable energy resources and technologies applicable to Sri Lanka towards a 100% RE future. https://doi.org/10.1049/cp.2019.0628
The combustion of fossil fuels primarily provides the energy supply in Sri Lanka. The energy generation in Sri Lanka is primarily realized by the combustion of thermal energy ...

Feasibility Study of Small Scale Battery Storage Systems Integrated with Renewable Generation Technologies for Sri Lankan Domestic Applications

Conference Proceeding
Fernando, W., Gupta, N., Kamyab, G., & Suheyl, C. O. (2019)
Feasibility Study of Small Scale Battery Storage Systems Integrated with Renewable Generation Technologies for Sri Lankan Domestic Applications. https://doi.org/10.1109/upec.2019.8893549
The purpose of energy storage technologies is to ultimately increase the efficiency of renewable energy generation methods and systems and decrease the global CO 2 emissions t...

The Electricity Infrastructure in Sri Lanka Then, Now and Hereafter

Conference Proceeding
Fernando, W., Gupta, N., & Özveren, C. S. (2017)
The Electricity Infrastructure in Sri Lanka Then, Now and Hereafter. https://doi.org/10.1109/UPEC.2017.8231986
This paper will initially describe the electricity infrastructure in Sri Lanka, covering history, current status, and future directions. Secondly, it will explore the costs of...

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