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Slowing the flow of zero day admissions to hospital: data linkage to inform intervention prioritisation along paediatric referral pathways

2019 - 2021
The number of children admitted to Scottish hospitals continues to rise, and this is due to cases admitted and discharged on the same day (“zero day admissions”). We do not currently know how best to ...
Funder: Chief Scientists Office | Value: £9,641

The influence of aerobic exercise training to attenuate chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity and vascular dysfunction in breast cancer and leukaemia patients

2018 - 2021
This project will be based in the Sport, Exercise and Health Research theme within the School of Applied Sciences, and is led by Dr. Mark Ross, Miss Karen Campbell and Professor Geraint Florida-James ...
Funder: ENU Development Trust | Value: £58,079

A brief school-based intervention to reduce sunburn in adolescence: A feasibility study

2018 - 2018
Lay summary: The sun can be harmful. If children/adolescents get sunburnt five or more times, they are twice as likely to get skin cancer as an adult. The sun can be beneficial. It is a source of vita...
Funder: Chief Scientists Office | Value: £1,273

Improving early detection of melanoma by increasing young people’s awareness of symptoms, skin self-examination and communication: A quasi-experimental trial with embedded process evaluation

2016 - 2017
Aims To adapt our existing brief school-based psycho-educational cancer awareness intervention to focus exclusively on increasing early detection of melanoma among young people (14-15 years) and test ...
Funder: Melanoma Focus

Career trajectories of Nurses in Scotland 2001-2011

2015 - 2016
Background Evidence-informed recruitment and retention strategies are required to ensure the nursing workforce has sufficient capacity and capability to deliver care to Scotland’s population. Current ...
Funder: Scottish Government | Value: £5,000

Development of a patient Concern Inventory in Brain Cancer Patients for outpatient consultation

2013 - 2015
This research project will undertake focus groups with glioma patients to explore the concerns they would like to discuss in outpatient neuro-oncology medical consultations. It will aim to identify co...
Funder: Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation | Value: £9,428

Is the patient dying? Ensuring safe, effective and person-centred care

2013 - 2016
Two year research and development project to investigate and develop reliable systems and processes for patient flow and care management. This will be investigated within the Scottish patient safety P...
Funder: Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation | Value: £58,059