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Contemporary Workplace Ethics

Working Paper
McLean, L. Contemporary Workplace Ethics

McLean, L. Contemporary Workplace Ethics
Series of reflective Learning Papers on Leadership and People Practice published by The Business School at Edinburgh Napier University. Renowned for its close ties with practi...

Post-Experience Learning

Presentation / Conference
McLean, L. (2020, May)
Post-Experience Learning. Paper presented at Chartered Association of Business Schools - Learning, teaching and Student Experience Conference, Belfast
This research explores the nature and context of students’ participation in post-experience education, with a focus on the experiences of those engaging in a Masters level, pr...

Heat island effects in urban life cycle assessment: Novel insights to include the effects of the urban heat island and UHI‐mitigation measures in LCA for effective policy making

Journal Article
Susca, T., & Pomponi, F. (2020)
Heat island effects in urban life cycle assessment: Novel insights to include the effects of the urban heat island and UHI‐mitigation measures in LCA for effective policy making. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 24(2), 410-423.
Urbanization often entails a surge in urban temperature compared to the rural surroundings: the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. Such a temperature increase triggers the format...

E-waste and sustainability in a changing environment: a behavioural economics approach

Book Chapter
Pierron, X. (2019)
E-waste and sustainability in a changing environment: a behavioural economics approach. In Sustainable Economy and Emerging Markets(1). London: Taylor & Francis (Routledge
E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream (Sun et al., 2016) due a combination of increase in electronic product shipments and stagnation of collection and recycling rates, ...

Baby In Vogue: Sustainable Diapers

Journal Article
Legl, C. (2019)
Baby In Vogue: Sustainable Diapers. Forbes,
No abstract available.

How Much Is Hidden? Pay for Elites in Government-Linked Entities

Minhat, M., & Dzolkarnaini, N. (2019)
How Much Is Hidden? Pay for Elites in Government-Linked Entities. Penang, Malaysia: Consumers Association of Penang
The presence of government-linked entities as influential players in the financial markets and economy sets Malaysia’s business ecosystem apart from competitive market-based s...

Regulatory Arbitrage in Relation to International Human Rights

Journal Article
Minhat, M., Abdullah, M., & Dzolkarnaini, N. (2019)
Regulatory Arbitrage in Relation to International Human Rights. Journal of Human Rights, 18(5), 579-596.
The adoption of the United Nations (UN) Charter in 1945 marked the legalization of international human rights. Despite the legalized status of human rights, their violation by...

She-conomy Drives Circular Economy

Journal Article
Legl, C. (2019)
She-conomy Drives Circular Economy. Forbes,
No abstract available.

Convergence with IFRS in Malaysia

Book Chapter
Abdullah, M., & Minhat, M. (2019)
Convergence with IFRS in Malaysia. In P. Weetman, & I. Tsalavoutas (Eds.), Routledge Companion: Accounting in Emerging EconomiesAbingdon: Taylor & Francis
We discuss the issues and challenges of the movement to convergence with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Malaysia. In reviewing some previous studi...

Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Contemporary and Traditional Housing in Palestine

Journal Article
Piroozfar, P., Pomponi, F., & El-Alem, F. (2019)
Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Contemporary and Traditional Housing in Palestine. Energy and Buildings, 202,
Residential buildings consume a vast amount of energy throughout their whole-life cycles with the subsequent greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted in the atmosphere. This phenomenon ...
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Research Integrity and Ethics in Online Environments

2020 - 2020
This application is for a SICSA research themed event concentrating on research integrity in online environments. The day will involve inviting speakers from around the UK and Europe to discuss resea...
Funder: The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance | Value: £600

SHELTERs: Sustainable Homes Enabling the Long Term Empowerment of Refugees

2020 - 2023
This project addresses this major moral, humanitarian, and knowledge gap by following on from a highly successful seed-funded project, which developed—through participatory design and interdisciplinar...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £299,712

CupClean - fast coffee cup cleaner

2019 - 2019
This project is to assist in the research of cleaning coffee cups to a standard acceptable for public use. The research will be used in the development of a product that can be installed in office sp...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £4,958

Circular design of emergency sheltering for Africa: a holistic approach

2018 - 2019
Africa is the continent with the highest number of displaced people due to wars, humanitarian crises, resource scarcity, and extreme climate events. Emergency sheltering always sets out with the best ...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering | Value: £38,887

Informational Database for Sustainable and Energy Efficient materials in sub-Saharan Africa

2018 - 2019
The population in Africa is growing rapidly, and thus the urbanization is accelerated. The need for detailed information on the performance of materials is a crucial part of the decision-making proces...
Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering
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Biogenic construction materials for a circular economy and climate change mitigation: scalability and sustainability

2018 - date
Jim Hart | Director of Studies: Dr Francesco Pomponi | Second Supervisor: Dr Bernardino D'Amico

Outside-In Thinking: Retail & Fashion Industry Perspectives on Sustainable, Circular Economy, its Benefits and Challenges

2017 - 2023
The interpretive approach develops an understanding on the particularity and co...
Carina Legl | Director of Studies: Dr Miles Weaver | Second Supervisor: Dr John Thomson

Enhancing storm surge resilience for coastal habitat

2016 - date
In most countries, population, poor management of water policies, infrastructure and coastal development together with poor disaster mitigation poli...
Ms Anitha Karthik | Director of Studies: Dr Luca Mora | Second Supervisor: Prof Sean Smith

The impact of team-focussed transformational and ethical leadership on team innovation: an investigation of the role of team engagement and team developmental climate

2013 - 2019
Mrs Britta Heidl | Director of Studies: Prof Thomas Garavan | Second Supervisor: Sandra Watson

The potential for 'green' fiscal policy measures to influence individuals' vehicle purchasing decisions in Scotland

2009 - 2015
This research focuses upon measures targeting individuals’ future vehicle purchasing ...
Dr Sarah Borthwick | Director of Studies: Michael Carreno | Second Supervisor: Kevin Cullinane

Adult learning: Towards a framework for participation

2008 - 2014
This thesis explores participation in adult learning and focuses upon three key areas of interest: reasons for participation, the challenges of par...
Dr Lesley McLean | Director of Studies: Dr Monika Foster | Second Supervisor: Prof Anne Munro

Moisture conditions in external timber cladding: field trials and their design implications

2004 - 2011
This research was funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme as part of a trans-national project titled: E...
Dr Ivor Davies | Director of Studies: Charles Fairfield | Second Supervisor: Alastair Stupart
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Edinburgh Napier research into sustainable intensification makes font page of national newspaper

18 March 2019
A research project lead by Dr Patrick White in the School of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with colleagues at Scotland's Rural College and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew made the front page of ...

Academics moot making GLC execs’ pay public by law

31 October 2018
The assistant director of the International Centre for Management & Governance Research (ICMGR), Dr Marizah Minhat, and Associate Professor Nazam Dzolkarnaini are undertaking a research collaboration ...

Lord Sheikh Represents APPGIF at Edinburgh Forum

25 September 2018
Lord Sheikh, a co-chair of the UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance (APPGIF), visited Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September 2018 to participate in the ‘Ethical Finance & Community Develop...

ENU Associate Professor co-hosts conference to launch new, ground-breaking book

4 September 2018
Dr Calum Neill will co-host an international conference at Ghent University on the 21st and 22nd of September to launch his new co-edited book, Reading Lacan's Ecrits: From 'Signification of the Phall...

Financing the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

23 August 2017
A research project was launched to explore financing issues in relation to BRI. In collaboration with international researchers, this research is led by Dr Marizah Minhat, the Assistant Director of th...

Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking, Risk-Sharing and One Belt One Road

19 July 2017
Dr Marizah Minhat and Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini were invited by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) to deliver a talk to TMA members and market participants on “Islamic Finance/Investment: Rent-Seeking...

Perspectives on ethical finance and investment

18 May 2017
IMS member, Dr Marizah Minhat, Assistant Director of ICMGR, recently led an event on ethical finance and investment; here she reflects on its findings.

New Edinburgh centre will develop Business School research projects

23 November 2016
The International Centre for Management and Governance Research (ICMGR) aims to bring together academic and professional knowledge on international management and governance. The Centre’s Director, P...