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Cymatics: The Visualization of Sound

Digital Artefact
McGowan, J. (2021)
Cymatics: The Visualization of Sound. [Podcast]
'We Have No Idea' is a podcast that explores and discusses ideas relating to everything we think we know. Each episode features the host, Adrian Walker, in conversation with e...

Interactivity in Linear Diagrams

Conference Proceeding
Chapman, P. (2021)
Interactivity in Linear Diagrams. In Diagrammatic Representation and Inference: 12th International Conference, Diagrams 2021, Virtual, September 28–30, 2021, Proceedings (449-465).
Linear diagrams have been shown to be an effective method for representing set-based data. Moreover, design principles have been empirically developed that, when followed, imp...

Design and Evaluation of Visualisation Techniques to Facilitate Argument Exploration

Journal Article
Khartabil, D., Collins, C., Wells, S., Bach, B., & Kennedy, J. (2021)
Design and Evaluation of Visualisation Techniques to Facilitate Argument Exploration. Computer Graphics Forum, 40(6), 447-465.
This paper reports the design and comparison of three visualizations to represent the structure and content within arguments. Arguments are artefacts of reasoning widely used ...

Developing Visualisations to Enhance an Insider Threat Product: A Case Study

Conference Proceeding
Graham, M., Kukla, R., Mandrychenko, O., Hart, D., & Kennedy, J. (in press)
Developing Visualisations to Enhance an Insider Threat Product: A Case Study. In IEEE Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security 2021
This paper describes the process of developing data visualisations to enhance a commercial software platform for combating insider threat, whose existing UI, while perfectly f...

Interactivity In Linear Diagrams Materials [dataset]

Chapman, P. (2021)
Interactivity In Linear Diagrams Materials [dataset]. [Dataset].
This folder contains the: - study materials - participant responses - amalgamated dataset - analysis that form part of the paper: Chapman, Peter (2021) Interactivity in Line...

Drawing Algorithms For Linear Diagrams (Supplementary)

Chapman, P., & Sim, K. (2021)
Drawing Algorithms For Linear Diagrams (Supplementary). [Dataset].
This folder contains the material to go with the article: Peter Chapman, Kevin Sim, Huanghao Chen (2021) Drawing Algorithms for Linear Diagrams. The code, the benchmark set ...

Visual Encodings for Networks with Multiple Edge Types

Conference Proceeding
Vogogias, T., Archambault, D. W., Bach, B., & Kennedy, J. (2020)
Visual Encodings for Networks with Multiple Edge Types. In AVI '20: Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces.
This paper reports on a formal user study on visual encodings of networks with multiple edge types in adjacency matrices. Our tasks and conditions were inspired by real proble...

A Probabilistic Design Reuse Index for Engineering Designs

Journal Article
Vasantha, G., Corney, J., Stuart, S., Sherlock, A., Quigley, J., & Purves, D. (2020)
A Probabilistic Design Reuse Index for Engineering Designs. Journal of Mechanical Design, 142(10),
Many companies offer a range of related products that are constructed using similar components and processes. This enables them to meet customer expectations of product variet...

Double-Arc Parallel Coordinates and its Axes re-Ordering Methods

Journal Article
Lu, L., Wang, W., & Tan, Z. (2020)
Double-Arc Parallel Coordinates and its Axes re-Ordering Methods. Mobile Networks and Applications, 25(4), 1376-1391.
The Parallel Coordinates Plot (PCP) is a popular technique for the exploration of high-dimensional data. In many cases, researchers apply it as an effective method to analyze ...

The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural interventions at increasing adherence to physical activity in mental health populations: a systematic review

Journal Article
Snowden, A., Peddie, N., & Westbury, T. (2021)
The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioural interventions at increasing adherence to physical activity in mental health populations: a systematic review. Advances in Mental Health, 19(1), 94-112.
Objective: There is growing global evidence for stark inequalities in the physical health status and life-expectancy of people with a mental health diagnosis. In most cases, p...
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Rigorous Graphical Explainable AI for Higher-Risk Applications

2020 - 2021
Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) are common in many areas, such as human‐robot interaction (HRI), natural language processing, and planning tasks, however, their use in high-risk industrial applications is...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £49,088

Multi-task, Multilingual, Multi-modal Language Generation

2019 - 2023
Language generation (LG) is a crucial technology if machines are to communicate with humans seamlessly using human natural language. A great number of different tasks within Natural Language Processin...
Funder: European Commission

Care Home Data Platform

2019 - 2021
Care home research to develope a data and innovation platform to support inclusive, person-centred research in care homes in Lothian
Funder: NHS Lothian | Value: £28,882

Security Visualisation

2018 - 2022
To optimise the ZoneFox product through the development and incorporation of effective information visualisation tools for generating insight through visual exploration and discovery of relationships ...
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £184,993

Weather Prediction - Motogoloco

2015 - 2015
The solution for the synchronisation issue was to include a simultaneous animation of the journey and the weather data. This provided an intuitive visualisation of two independent sets of data.
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000

Visual Justifications for Ontologies

2015 - 2016
Ontologies are a way of reasoning about data in an efficient manner. Ontologies are increasingly prevalent in a range of applications, including the Semantic Web, medicine and law. The development and...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £9,320


2015 - 2018
The DISTRO network brings together leading laboratories in Visual Computing and 3D Computer Graphics research across Europe with the aim of training a new generation of scientists, technologists, and ...
Funder: European Commission | Value: £243,804

KTP Delta DNA (Games Analytics)

2014 - 2016
To analyse in game communications to predict engagement of players.
Funder: Innovate UK | Value: £133,098


2014 - 2014
A prototype visualisation was built using D3-based libraries on top of a supplied data set (which in essence was a data cube). This was then connected to an R-based statistical service which allowed a...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000


2014 - 2014
Successful completion of project. Deliverable of demonstrative prototype for showing visual inter-relationships of policies, roles and data access achieved and integrated into SymphonicTrust's product...
Funder: Scottish Funding Council | Value: £5,000


Qualification level

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Intermediated Reality

2016 - 2020
Real-time solutions to reducing the gap between virtual and physical worlds for photorealistic interactive Augmented Reality (AR) are presented. First, a method of texture deforma...
Dr Llogari Casas Cambra | Director of Studies: Prof Kenny Mitchell | Second Supervisor: Dr Kevin Chalmers

A journey that motivates: Discovering the associate student experience

2015 - date
Debbie Meharg | Director of Studies: Ms Alison Varey | Second Supervisor: Dr Sandra Cairncross

Real-time 3D graphic augmentation of music therapy sessions for people on the autism spectrum

2015 - 2019
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect people in a number...
Dr John McGowan | Director of Studies: Dr Gregory Leplatre | Second Supervisor: Dr Iain McGregor

Visualisation support for biological Bayesian network inference

2015 - 2019
Network models are often created to describe interactions between components in biological systems. At a molecular level the involved com...
Thanasis Vogogias | Director of Studies: Prof Jessie Kennedy

Modelling and analysing cyclist road safety performance in Scotland: a safety in numbers perspective

2015 - 2019
Vulnerable Road User (VRU) road safety performance lags behind the improvements achieved among motor...
Suzanne Meade | Director of Studies: Dr Kathryn Stewart | Second Supervisor: Ian Smith

A data-driven statistical approach to customer behaviour analysis and modelling in online freemium games

2014 - 2019
Anusua Singh Roy | Director of Studies: Dr Moira Hughes | Second Supervisor: Prof Robert Raeside

The evaluation of data filtering criterial in wind turbine power performance assessment

2012 - 2019
Dr Brian Davison | Director of Studies: Prof Tariq Muneer | Second Supervisor: Prof Ahmed Al-Dubai

Tasks and visual techniques for exploration of temporal graph data

2010 - 2017
Dr Natalie Kerracher | Director of Studies: Dr Kevin Chalmers | Second Supervisor: Prof Jessie Kennedy

Complex pleasures: designing optional interactions for public spaces

2008 - 2017
This research will investigate the nature of interactions between people and experience-oriented technologies such as new-media artw...
Dr Ingi Helgason | Director of Studies: Dr Michael Smyth

Investigating communicating sequential processes for Java to support ubiquitous computing

2005 - 2009
Ubiquitous Computing promises to enrich our everyday lives by enabling the environment to be enhanced via compu...
Dr Kevin Chalmers | Director of Studies: Prof Jon Kerridge | Second Supervisor: Dr Imed Romdhani